HAP-MUN Model United Nation Forum For Students In School Of Aurangabad Maharashtra



Why should every student attend Model United Nations?

Over the last 50 years, these conferences have assumed significance in the co-curriculam of schools all over the world promoting interest in international relations and engaging students in debates and discussions on issues/conflicts that need resolution.


HAP International School collaborated with IA­MUN (www.worldeducationevents.com) which marks a significant achievement , being the first school from Aurangabad to achieve this honor. HAP-MUN & I A-MUN is a forum for students where they have an opportunity to simulate the United Nations.

A valuable platform that tests students' skills of diplomacy, confidence and knowledge, it inspires young minds with the spirit of inquiry and understanding. HAP-MUN plays a key role in fostering students' leadership potential and commitment to civic engagement. The HAP-MUN conferences are completely student-run and are in keeping with the purpose of education at HAP International School to develop character, courage, confidence and self esteem in students, a part from providing them a sound basis in academics. The themes at the HAP-MUN conferences include international human rights violation, New World Order and Foreign Intervention, energy crisis, religious divide, media as democracy etc.

Model United Nations is more than an extra-curricular activity. Its a "process" where one is able to develop his or her capabilities through debates, negotiations and public-speaking. MUN forges your personality and provides essential diplomatic values to the youths.